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Our Story

Who - Our Mission?

A diplomatic sports movement that brings people together & creates understanding through the beautiful game.

Our Vision ?

We know that football can do amazing things. Remember Christmas in 1914, where many British and German soldiers laid down their arms and connected as fellow humans over a makeshift game of football in no man’s land? We want to take things further and foster lasting peace, equality and integration between communities around the world, and show governments and policy makers how the simple concept of football diplomacy can be a viable tool for them to affect change.
Our vision is that every country in the world uses football diplomacy to help bring about peace and more tolerant societies.

Why - The Problem?

Misunderstanding between people causes a divided world. We believe in people. We believe they’re fundamentally good, tolerant and peaceful. But we also know they’re only human. We know that misinformation causes misunderstanding and misunderstanding causes mistrust. And this mistrust can manifest itself as fear, anger, antagonism and aggression towards people who we think are different. So if people understood one another better and found common ground, they’d be less divided. That’s where Football for Peace comes in.

How - Programs

PEACE MATCHES - One-off football matches held around the world to raise awareness of football diplomacy and promote a message of equality and peace.

CITIES FOR PEACE - Young Ambassador Training is a local community initiative that uses football to connect young people from different faiths, cultures and backgrounds and get them to communicate, play together and learn to confront stereotypes and better understand one another.

Our History

It is imperative for all of us to continue the development and growth of football around the world. Football for Peace is a great example of sports diplomacy."

HRH Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein of Jordan


Our Educational
Sports Peace Process


Target and identify disenfranchised global communities of all backgrounds and ages.


Create advocacy and neutral environments that promote positive dialogue, mutual understanding and shared learning opportunities.


Develop and activate 'Peace Matches' and 'Community Tournaments' in order to raise awareness of issues that exist in communities.


Bring together different people, communities and nations into one team, creating a unified team to play against our 'Footballers for Peace' team.


Create a strong legacy through our 'Cities for Peace' programme. Challenge mindsets by educating and empowering communities using our workshops and sports diplomacy toolkits. Create Youth Ambassadors to carry on the Football for Peace message.

More About Our Process

The great work Football for Peace Global have undertaken, shows the commitment they have to using sport to help create a better world."

Wilfried Lemke, UN Special Adviser to General Secretary on Sport for Development & Peace

A Global

Talking To The

Football for Peace has implemented many successful initiatives around the globe. Today, our organisation is working closely with local and international communities to help promote continual dialogue and advocate for lasting change. Here are just some of the areas we operate in.

Global Initiatives

  • 3Continents where we're currently active
  • 11KPeace Activators involved with our activities
World Map

For Peace

Since the very beginning, what we have been striving for has captured the attention of communities, as well as policy makers, and enlisted some of football's biggest names. These sporting icons go to make up our 'Footballers for Peace' team. This international squad of players have committed to participating and supporting the initiatives of our organisation.




It is great for me to be involved in a movement which contributes to peace by uniting, educating and promoting friendships between people."

Ronaldinho Gaúcho



Football for Peace has gained traction right around the globe, with many world-renowned people getting on board with the work we are doing. Because of football’s influence on the world stage and our unique process to create unity amongst communities, we have made great strides with the help of this ongoing support.


3rd June 2016

Pele supports the charities '10 Cities, 100 School' Campaign


20th April 2016

President Jokowi of Indonesia meets Youth Ambassador at Chobham Academy, Newham, London


7th December 2015

Prince William visit to The Football for Peace initiative at Saltley Academy, Birmingham


8th September 2015

Founders Elias Figueroa and Kashif Siddiqi at AFG/GB Peace Match, London


8th September 2015

HRH Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein meets the Peace Match players, Greenwich, London


8th September 2015

Afghanistan & Great Britain Peace Match, Greenwich, London


uniting the world through the beautiful game

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